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My name is Dean Sundquist. I live in the Madison, WI area where I work as a Service Desk Analyst.

In my free time I spend a lot of time coding, most recently I have swiched my focus to JavaScript, mainly ThreeJS, P5.js

Current Interests

Lately I've been playing around with a lot of P5.JS. You can find more information about it at p5js.org. There are some great tutorials that you can find on youtube, including this channel. I intend to post more of my experiments with it in the future.

To facilitate most of this, I've been focusing on a lot of CSS and HTML. A good starting point for these items can be found at w3schools.com.

Indisputably Adobe is king, and I've gotten first acquainted with Photoshop around version 4.5. Since I've tried to stay away from the Warez sites and stuck with what's free. GIMP and Inkscape

Knowledge and Skills

Since very early on, I've always been extremely interested in Computer Networking and Security. This led to the beginning of my College Career, which included attending Madison College. That eventually led to transferring to UW-Madison, where I majored in Computer Science.

Some classes include:

  • Operating systems: Here's some great free text from that class
  • C, C++, Java, C#, JavaScript, HTML, CSS
  • Database Management Systems
  • Artificial Intelligence, This Book Is A Must Download.
  • Calculus, Linear Algebra
  • This was my home for quite some time. You can find a lot of great things here and other university websites cs.wisc.edu.

    If you're interested in learning more about computer science I would highly recommend checking out this site. Algorithm-Archive.org.

    Work and other thinks professional

    Currently I work as a Service Desk Analyst at Core BTS. Previously, I directed medium sized teams at Roadview in the completion of data collection and analysis of Department of Transportation's assets and make monthly reports of their conditions. Tennessee, New Mexico.

    Effectively collaborated and coordinated multi-user programming projects in class and workplace. Accompanied by a large breadth of communication classes. Letters and Science, UW -Madison

    Throughout college and afterwards I've held many roles in which I have gained extensive Customer Service.


  • University of Wisconsin- Madison, August 2014 Bachelor of Science,
    Major: Computer Science
  • Madison College, August 2007 Attended Transfer Program,
    Focus: Network Specialist and Security